Probably one of the most exciting advantages for any traveler to India is the extensive railway network that will whisk you to just about any location. This summer, the railway experience is about to get a high-tech boost. Indian Railways has announced a June 2017 launch of a new app, potentially to be called “HindRail” which will function like a one-stop center for all train related inquiries.

All the Services You Need at Your Fingertips

The new Indian Railway app will be a first of its kind, providing users with a comprehensive menu of information and services. For instance, you will be able to access information about departures, arrivals, cancellations, schedule delays, platform number, availability of berths, and whether the train is running on time. In addition, the app will cover other travel-related necessities. For instance, you will be able to order a taxi, make reservations at hotels, find a porter to help you carry your belongings, explore tour packages, and order catering, among other common activities. For tourists who are visiting an unfamiliar place, this app will be a game changer, but for Indian residents who use the Railway system for daily travel or holiday excursions, it will bring much appreciated ease and the potential for budget-wise travel decisions.

The new app will also serve as a source of revenue for Indian Railways. All of the service providers represented in the app will share revenue with Indian Railways. It is estimated that the app will result in roughly Rs 100-crore annually.

Developers of the app predict a vast improvement in the dependability of scheduling information, which until now has been more difficult to obtain. They also envision the app as a platform for users to leave suggestions or complaints about their railway experience, enabling Indian Railways to improve its services. For instance, a traveler can use the app to send an SMS to report an issue with a car that is not clean in real time.

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