Osmania University, India

Osmania University, India

Osmania University, now 100 years old, is the oldest institution of higher education in India. It was established by royal decree, issued by Nizam VII Mir Osman Ali Khan, on April 26, 1917. Osmania University holds the distinction of being the most prestigious university in the country, the first to adopt Urdu, the alphabet of the Hindustani language, as the instruction platform, but with a requirement that English be taught as a compulsory subject. On April 30, 2017, the University concluded its centenary celebrations with a special spotlight on the culture and art of Telangana. 

Adopting 100 Villages

To celebrate 100 years of existence, the alumni of Osmania committed to adopting 100 villages located in Telangana. Telangana consists of 31 districts located in southern India. The Osmania University Alumni Association has a membership of approximately 25,000 former students of the university. A rich association of backgrounds, including lawyers, physicians, community advocates and business professionals will bring their experience, talent, and passion to redeveloping these villages. The Alumni Association is not the first to get involved with adopting villages. The government has promoted an adoption program and celebrities, government officials and other notables have taken on the challenge. According to Anantula Shyam Mohan, chairman of the University’s Centenary Celebrations Alumni Committee, the adoption program will begin in May 2017.

What Does 'Adopting a Village' Entail?

The villages to be adopted have varying needs. For instance, some require significant infrastructure development, such as the construction of hospitals, schools, and other community resources. Other villages require medical services or educational improvements. The Alumni Association will form an assessment committee to visit each of the villages and evaluate existing conditions. They will then go on to formulate a strategy for the future. The local leadership will also take part in the discussions in order to provide background information, share their professional knowledge and opinions and facilitate the best approach to meeting the local population's individual needs in a way that is effective and sustainable. Implementation of this exciting and touching program is to begin by the beginning of June 2017. Good luck to the Osmania Alumni team and everyone involved.