Singapore’s Education Technology Startups Gain Traction in International Markets

As Singapore’s constituency groups focus on education achievement goals, the country’s high-tech industry is responding with cutting-edge education apps. Startups like Cialfo and Tueetor are taking the Ed-Tech (education technology) industry by storm, delivering powerful apps that help with everything from homework to getting into the best international colleges and universities.

Helping Students Realize Their Higher Education Dreams

CEO and Founder of Cialfo, Rohan Pasari, entered the Ed-Tech field in 2013 at a time when it was almost unheard of. After Google and Apple began to invest in Ed-Tech, others followed suit, and by far the greatest amount of investments has been in America, however Asia is rapidly becoming a major competitor in the field. Singapore’s Ed-Tech industry is likewise gaining a competitive foothold in the market, primarily because investors know that education is immune to economic cycles. Cialfo has developed a unique machine-learning algorithm that helps students secure admission to prestigious overseas universities. The platform can be accessed by students, counselors, and parents on their mobile or desktop. Cialfo has secured two rounds of funding and will complete its third this year. It entered the Asian market last year and plans to introduce its app in India in the near future.

Matching Students to Tutors

A more recent startup is Tueetor, founded by Tan Han Sing in September, 2016. Tueetor is an online platform that connects students with tutors, a more efficient alternative to attending tutoring centers. The platform deals with a wide range of subjects, everything from core subjects such as mathematics and reading, to swimming and cooking. Students can search by price and distance from where they live. Mr. Tan said his goal was to design a mechanism whereby students can just as easily find the right tutor or trainer as they could book a hotel room through online platforms such as TripAdvisor. The platform is intended to remove the middle-man and put students directly in touch with tutors.