Asian Food - An Artful Blend of Tradition and Modernit

Nothing about Asia is monolithic, especially not its food. A continent that covers thousands of miles from the Middle East, through India to Japan is home to many unique and independent cultures. Asian food is a reflection of the continent’s eternal commitment to its deep traditions and palate preferences, which have evolved over the centuries.

Asian Cuisine: The Basics

Essentially, Asian cuisine falls under three main regional categories: Southwest (Burma, Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan), Southeast (Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei) and Northeast (Japan, Korea, and China). The cuisine in each region is based on local produce and delicacies, with one element common to all three - rice. In the Southeast and Southwest regions, curries are a favorite. In the Southwest, yogurt and breads are commonly served. Southeast and Northeast kitchens serve noodles along with rice. Garlic, ginger and chili peppers are popular in all three regions. Northeast cuisines use soy sauce in just about every dish, whereas in the Southeast fish sauce is used instead. These are the traditional regional differences, but contemporary Asian food chefs often blend ingredients, spices, and cultures to produce mouthwatering dishes that please an increasingly demanding palate.

Asian Fusion

While We Can Find Asian Cuisine In Just About Every Major City In The World, Nothing Compares To Dining In The Asian Continent Itself. The Variety And Quality Of Asian Food In Its Native Regions Is Difficult To Top. One Example Is Gaggan, A Bangkok Restaurant Which Has Come First In The San Pellegrino List Of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants For The Last Two Years. Anand Gaggan, Head Chef And Owner, Has Taken Indian Cuisine To The Next Level By Infusing His Dishes With The Latest Techniques And Ingredients. Yet, Diners Say That If You Close Your Eyes As You Eat, You Can Easily See Yourself In Ancient Thailand, Enjoying The Traditional Local Flavors. Second On The 2016 List Issued Last February, Is Narisawa, A Tokyo Based Restaurant Owned By Yoshihiro Narisawa Who Is Also The Head Chef. He Fuses French Cuisine With Japanese Ingredients To Create Unforgettable Dishes And Tastes.

Whatever Asian Dish You Choose To Try Next, If You Look Into Its Origins You'll Be Sure To Open A New Window Onto Asia's Rich Life, Past And Present. 

Chef Anand Gaggan - Varsha Rao exploring the Asian Cuisine

Chef Anand Gaggan - Varsha Rao exploring the Asian Cuisine