Hong Kong to Host the 10th Anniversary Asia Contemporary Art Show

If you are an art lover who happens to be traveling to Asia this spring, be sure to visit the 10th anniversary edition of the Asia Contemporary Art Show, running March 17-20, 2017 at Conrad Hong Kong.

The Asia Contemporary Art Show takes place each year in the spring and fall, and is the premier event where Asian artists and art galleries showcase and sell their pieces. Hong Kong is the fourth largest art market in the world. Due to its duty-free and tax-free status, it is the perfect hub for artists, galleries, and art collectors. The show will feature over 3,000 original pieces of art in a wide variety of mediums, including oil painting, sculpture and photography, from the world’s best-known artists as well as from the newest and most promising talents.

A 10th Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Asia Contemporary Art Show, two new features will be unveiled at the event: 

  • Artist Projects: A single floor that will be devoted to solo and joint artist presentations.
  • China Perspectives: A collection from new and emerging contemporary Chinese artists.

9th Edition of the Asia Contemporary Art Show Just Concluded

The Fall Asia Contemporary Art Show, which just closed, featured three incredible artists: Shazia Imran from Australia, Mario Gomez from Chile, and Jeong Myoung Jo from Korea.

Shazia Imran was born in Pakistan, and is well-known for her expressive, multi-layered mixed media pieces and sculptures. Her work addresses the connections between her surrounding landscape, the subconscious, and memory. Mario Gomez’s paintings reflect his childhood in Chile. He works in the 'paper world' technique, an art form meant to simulate crumpled paper, and gorgeous colors and intense light draw you deep inside his childhood memories. Jeong Myoung Jo’s creations express the conflict between a woman’s self-actualization and the male-dominated world in which she finds herself. The paintings depict headless women who are dressed in opulent regal Korean garments, leaving the viewer to ponder the thoughts racing through the subject’s mind.

City View- Varsha Rao talking about Asia Contemporary Art Show

City View- Varsha Rao talking about Asia Contemporary Art Show

Close look at the art show